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One award-winning, certified cabinet maker with a passion for scenic carpentry. One freelance technical director / production manager with a certificate in Production Design and Technical Arts. 

Two Shopdogs, One Dream; Affordable, functional, beautiful sets for every independent theatre in Montreal.


Shopdog co-founder and cabinetmaker, Taylor Cott wearing a mask at work while using a saw on a piece of wood.

Taylor was the Bronze Medalist in cabinetmaking at the olympiades québecoises des métiers et des technologies 2018. Taylor is a certified cabinetmaker with years of set-building experience. He also works as a rigger, carpenter, and technician around the city.


Shopdog co-founder, Haylee Tucker, holding a pencil on a draft table while looking at the camera.

Tucker holds a certificate from the National Theatre School of Canada's Production Design and Technical Arts Program. They work as a freelance draftsperson, carpenter, production manager, and technical director in Montreal. They are also the Production Manager for Geordie Theatre.